Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Energy audit at a Petrochemical company at Pata,UPPrint

Executive summary

PCRA conducted a detailed Energy Audit Study at a leading Petrochemical company at Pata,UP during December 2006- March 2007. A team of five specialist consultants was involved in the energy audit.

The energy audit was mainly targeted at identifying practical, sustainable and economically viable energy saving opportunities in all sections of the plant, resulting from a detailed study and analyses of technical parameters. The energy audit involved using a wide range of sophisticated, portable, diagnostic and measuring instruments to generate refined data and facilitate in complex analyses to give a more reliable basis for evaluation of energy saving potential and economic viability.

The main energy sources of the plant are electricity and Natural gas. The plant consumes about 42 Million kWh electrical units per annum (from the grid), around 240 Million from in-house and natural gas quantity of 363 Million sm3 per annum.

The detailed energy audit carried out at this industry led to energy savings of around 88 Million kWh electrical units, which forms around 3.14 % of the total electrical energy consumption of 280 Million kWh units presently at the industry . These electrical savings will result in annual cost savings worth Rs. 629 Lacs per annum with a one time investment of Rs. 246 Lacs, thus yielding an overall payback of less than 5 months. Similar findings were observed in the thermal section. brief of savings identified is given below:


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