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Energy Audit at Wagon Repair Workshop, railway, JhansiPrint

Executive Summary

A comprehensive energy conservation study of the Wagon Repair Workshop, railway, Jhansi was carried out by PCRA, Delhi during April ‘2007 .

Wagon Repair Workshop, railway, Jhansi was established in the year 1895 having a total area of 3.39 lakh sq. m. The main activity is repair of Wagons. In a year about 18355 units are repaired. The annual turnover of the plant is Rs. 158 crores. The Wagon Holding Capacity is 1145 Units.

The Energy Audit at the Workshop was focused mainly on the following areas:

  • Review of Electricity Bills, Contract Demand & Power Factor
  • Study of DG Sets
  • Study of Motor Loading
  • Study of EOT Cranes (Sample Survey)
  • Study of Welding Sets (Sample Survey)
  • Study of Air Conditioning System.
  • Study of Air Compressors
  • Study of Steam Boilers
  • Study of Oil Furnaces
  • Study of Illumination


A comprehensive energy conservation study was carried out by PCRA, The identified total annual energy saving potential is around 155 lacs at a total investment cost of 51 lacs. A summary list of recommendations, the saving potential and implementation cost is given below:


* The savings will vary depending upon the actual running of any equipment/luminary. To work out the above savings, the running hours for different equipment have been taken based upon log book data, experience as well as discussions held with to operational staff.
* Capital costs involved as shown in the above summary table are representative figures and may vary from place to place as well as vendor to vendor.

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