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Energy Audit at Oil Refinery Guwahati, AssamPrint

Executive Summary

This Refinery situated in guwahati Assam is engaged in oil processing. The pioneer among the Public Sector Refineries, This Refinery, symbolizes the Nation’s march towards indigenisation of the refinery technology. Since its inception, This Refinery has been achieving numerous accolades for its performance in the fields of refinery operations, energy and environment management.

Electricity is the main resource of energy. The refinery, for their manufacturing processes power demand depends mainly on 8 MW X 2 nos. oil fired captive power plant and partly on Assam State Electricity Board’s grid power. The refinery generates electrical power ate 6.3 KV, 0.81 PF (average) and at 50.3 HZ (average), distribute to different production process centers where 6.3 KV is directly used to operate HT. Motors or stepped down to 0.415 KV level for usage in LT Motors and various other proposes. It also purchase power from the ASEB grid at 33 KV and step down to 6.3 KV through 5 MVA X 2 transformers and distribute for different other purposes other than production process. The dependency on own generation is because of higher poser quality and reliability.

A comprehensive energy conservation study of the plant was carried out by PCRA to identify potential areas of energy conservation and recommend energy savings measures along with cost benefit analysis. PCRA’s audit finding highlights potential savings of Rs. 228.14 lacs (i.e.3259234 KWH) at an investment of Rs. 107.93 lacs with a simple payback period of 6 months from 2 proposals, covering the following areas:

  • L.T. Motor
  • Illumination System


Content (75)

  • Executive summary & Summary of Recommendations
  • Backdrop
  • Introduction
  • Problem areas and Barriers towards energy conservation
  • Scope of the study, Focus areas of the study & Limitations of the study
  • Insight to the Report & Study Methodology
  • Power Systems and Resources
  • Potential Solutions & Scope for Energy Savings in Motors
  • Notes on energy saving opportunity in electrical motors
  • Methodology of motor load survey
  • Recommended Schemes for improvement fo motor performance and energy conservation
  • Energy Saving by replacement of motors having unbalanced current >7%
  • Energy Saving by replacement of motors having unbalanced current 4 to 7%
  • Down sizing of over sized motors by energy efficient motors
  • Thorough Checking of pumps/driven equipment for their mechanical soundness.
  • Illumination system performance improvement and energy cost reduction
  • Illumination Statues, Problem & Possible Solutions
  • Scope of further study
  • Unitary cases for replacement of inefficient lamps with energy efficient lamps


I. Measured & Analytical data of Motors, studied
II. Particulars & measured data of Motors, studied
III. Motor particulars


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