Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Energy Audit Plup & Paper Mills, Chinchwad, PunePrint

A leading Pulp & Paper Mills is engaged in the manufacture of various types of paper like crepe, poster, newsprint etc.

Electricity and Furnace oil are the main sources of energy. The average daily power consumption in the plant is 2.0 Lac KWH, out of which, DG set generation is around 1.35 Lac KWH and remaining 65000 KWh is taken from MSEB. Out of the 60.32 Lac KWH of power consumed annually in the entire plant, approximately 9.36 lac KWH are used in the non-production usage which is about 15.56% of the total power consumption.

A comprehensive energy conservation study of the plant was carried out by PCRA to identify potential areas of energy conservation and recommend energy savings measures along with cost benefit analysis. PCRA’s audit finding highlights potential savings of Rs. 123.96 lacs at an investment of Rs. 88.1 lacs from 14 proposals, covering the following areas:

  • Motor loading
  • Air compressor
  • Ventilation fans
  • Steam trap
  • Steam line
  • DG sets
  • Study of process pumps
  • Electricity


Content (71)


  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Present production, electrical consumption & specific energy consumption
  • Study of Steam generation, distribution & utilisation
  • Study of transformers, capacitors
  • Study of motor loading
  • Study of compressed air system
  • Study of DG Sets
  • Study of process pumps
  • Illumination study
  • Appendix
  • List of Manufacturers
  • Compressed air leakage test procedure

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