Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Energy Audit at the Drilling RigPrint

Executive Summary

This Rig of a national level oil company was purchased from M/s Branham, USA, in the year 1986. This Rig was brought to the existing site after getting the Geo Technical Order. Installation of this Rig was started on 10.09.03 and Rig building up phase was completed on 27.09.03. This type of Rig operates in three phases, i.e, Rig building phase, Drilling phase and Production testing phase. Drilling phase started at on 28.09.03 and continued upto 22.01.04 to reach at the targeted depth of about 3300 metre. Production testing phase started, once the Drilling phase was still continuing.HSD is the main sources of energy.

A comprehensive energy conservation study of the plant was carried out by PCRA, to identify potential areas of energy conservation and recommend energy savings measures along with cost benefit analysis. PCRA’s audit finding highlights potential savings of Rs.44.08 lacs at an investment of Rs.53.2 lacs from three proposals, covering the following areas:


  • Study of DG sets
  • FTL lamps



  • Executive summary
  • Summary of Saving Potential
  • Summary of recommendations
  • Introduction
  • Observations during the audit
  • Analysis of the observations
  • Recommendations
  • Annexure


I. Month wise diesel consumption
II. Peak and Modified KVA demand of the Rig
III. Phase wise DG set loading pattern
IV. HSD consumption of one big set running vs. HSD consumption with two DG set running.
V. Saving by running two small DG sets inplace of one big DG set during Rig build up stage and production testing phase.
VI. Brakeup of peak load of 1700 KVA at the Rig on 07.11.03
VII. Cost of energy saving by the replacement of existing lamps with CFL lamps and pay back period.


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