Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Energy Conservation Tips on Textile MillsPrint

Electrical Systems:

  • Ensure transformers loading is more than 50%. Stand by transformers should be de-energized to conserve energy wherever possible except for monsoon period to avoid the possibility of moisture contamination
  • Install additional KVAR for power factor improvement.
  • Install VFD for DG cooling water pump, Boiler feed pump or where load varies heavily.
  • Install screw chiller according to the capacities only. Run chillers according to the capacity depending upon weather conditions. Ensure chillers are loaded more than 70%.
  • Install online tap changer (OLTC) to avoid Voltage Fluctuations on one of the lighting transformer.
  • Replace faulty capacitors to avoid excess power consumption.
  • Use high efficiency fans in humidification plants.
  • Replace under rated Air Circuit Breaker with correct rated Air circuit breaker.
  • Switch off the blowers during the idle time of the plant.


Fuel Handling and Operation:

  • For efficient combustion pre-heat the oil to have temp between 1050-1100C at burner tip and optimize air to fuel ratio.
  • To stop abrasive particles FO filtration system should have filter mesh sizes as follows.

a. Between Lorry & main storage tank-mesh size 10
b. Between service tank & pre-heater- mesh size 40
c. Between pre-heater and burner- mesh size 100

  • Provide water draining facility and regularly drain water. This reduces sludge formation and other problems like erosion of burners and damage to the refractories.
  • It is preferred to have parallel FO pumps of smaller capacity than one pump of larger capacity to avoid unnecessary re-circulation of huge quantity of FO.
  • Prepare a hard ground for stacking coal



  • Control excess air with oxygen at 3.0 to 4% level in flue gas.
  • Air flow to fuel feed rate should be controlled for oxygen level around 3.5% to 4% oxygen in flue gases.
  • Normally flue gas temperature is beyond 5500C. To recover waste heat install recuperator of required capacity and pre-heat the air.
  • Provide the doors and close the material charge and discharge doors partially during operation and fully during furnace idling time. (Reducing the heat loss through openings)
  • Provide thermocouple to maintain and monitor furnace temperature.


Boiler and accessories

  • Maintain carbon dioxide at 13% or higher level in flue gas so as to improve efficiency
  • Control excess air with oxygen at 3.0 to 4% level in flue gas.
  • Maintain stack temperature in the range of 1800-2000 C by oil pressure adjustment, burner cleaning, filtering fuel, soot & scale removal and excess air to 2-3%.
  • Install a properly designed condensate recovery tank thus save energy to the tune of 5-7%.
  • Improve the condensate recovery so as to raise the feed water temperature up to 750-800 C.


Steam Trap

  • Maintenance of steam traps to be carried out regularly.



  • Prepare a hard ground for stacking coal and avoid carpet loss.


DG Sets Operation and Maintenance

  • Improve SFC of the DG sets
  • DG sets flue gas temperature is more than 4500C install waste heat recovery boilers on DG sets to generate additional power & pre heat fuel oil
  • Improve specific electricity generation by loading in excess of 60% and upto 80%



  • Improve insulation and cladding of DG sets exhaust
  • Insulate Flanges & valves to minimize heat loss. Insulation is to be boxed type for maintenance ease.
  • Bare steam line, Steam traps and leaky valves etc to be checked periodically and insulated.
  • Improve insulation if the surface temperature exceeds 600C. Ensure that proper insulating material and thickness is provided for proper insulation.
  • Insulate the boiler feed water tank after implementing condensate recovery.(if not existing)
  • Arrange or ask for Industrial training programme in your cluster once a year.


Compressed Air:

  • Reduce compressed air pressure from 8 Kg/Cm2 to 7.0 Kg/Cm2 where ever possible to conserve energy, when required pressure at usage point is 6.0 Kg/Cm2
  • Stop use of compressed air for floor/ machine cleaning.
  • Check for compressed air leakage.



  • Replace conventional nozzles by humidification nozzles in all units.


Cooling Water Pump:

  • Ensure installed cooling water pumps are of rated capacity and not of higher capacity.