Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Energy Audit at Leading Zinc Producing Company, Chittorgarh, Raj.Print

A Nationalised company of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan is engaged in the manufacture of Zinc, Lead, Silver and H2SO4.

This company operates on a three shifts basis for 365 days in a year. The main sources of Energy being used in This company are the Electrical Power, which is purchased from the State Electricity Board and also generated in house, using DG sets. Petroleum products LPG (5601 Tons), coke (68,394 MT) and Fuel Oil (7359 KL) were also being used in the Furnaces, Columns, Kettles and DG sets during the above period.

A comprehensive energy conservation study of the plant was carried out by PCRA to identify potential areas of energy conservation and recommend energy savings measures along with cost benefit analysis. PCRA audit finding highlights potential savings of Rs.221.2 lacs at an investment of Rs. 221.04 lacs with a simple payback period of 0 to 2-3 years.,covering the following areas:


  • Power Distribution Network
  • Air Compressors System
  • Furnaces operations
  • Electrical System
  • DG Sets
  • Lighting System
  • Motive load



  • Executive Summary
  • Study of Power Distribution Network
  • Study of Furnace operations
  • Study of Air compressors
  • Study of motive Load
  • Study of lighting Systems
  • Study of DG sets
  • Other Area of Focus


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