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Energy Audit at Nationalized Oil Company, Hazira, GujaratPrint

Executive Summary

The Nationalised Oil company at, Hazira, Gujarat is involved in the processing of Gas. Hazira Gas Processing complex is receiving Sour Gas and associate Condensate from South Bassein by 231 km. 36” dia. And 42” dia. Sub sea gas pipe line and is received ate Gas Terminal in a Slug catcher where primary separation of Gas and condensate are separated. The total capacity of above two Gas Trunk line is 50 MMSCMD. The gas is than fed to Gas sweetening unit (GSU). The condensate is fed to Condensate fractionation unit (CFU). The gas/condensate contains rich H2S proportion.

Electrical, Thermal and Water are the main sources of energy. A comprehensive energy conservation study of the plant was carried out by PCRA to identify potential areas of energy conservation and recommend energy savings measures along with cost benefit analysis. PCRA’s audit finding highlights potential savings of Rs. 1.97 lacs in electrical audit and Rs.95.92 lacs in thermal audit from 4 proposals. The proposed energy savings in water audit as under:


Water Audit:

  • Savings in reservoirs:
    Yearly evaporation loss in reservoir=385553 m3
    Yearly saving by limiting the storage to two reservoirs
    (from present 4 Nos. of Reservoirs)=385553m3X(50/100) =192777m3

  • Energy savings in service water pumps:
    In this case the pump capacity is 150 m3/hr, but it normally pumps 75 to 110 m3/hr. In 2001-2002 the average flow was 103 m3/hr. As such the energy saving by trimming of impeller by 10% is recommended.


PCRA covering the following areas:


  1. Electrical Audit:
    Motor loading survey
    Sub-station survey
    Single line diagrams
    Transformer loading survey
    Illumination survey
    A.C. Plant study
    Compressed Air system

  2. Thermal Audit:
    Boiler Efficiency test
    Heat loss due to poor/damaged insulation
    Steam trap survey

  3. Water Audit:
    Process flow of water
    Analysis of water consumption pattern
    Cooling tower


Content (228pp)

  • Acknowledgement
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Salient Features of Company
  • Process & Process Flow Diagrams
  • Specific Energy consumption
  • Electrical Audit
  • Thermal Audit
  • Water Audit
  • Appendices section & equipment manufacturers list


Electrical Audit

Proposed Energy Savings:

  • In LT Motors by converting to star connection            : 57,134 kWh/Annum
    Monetary savings @ Rs. 1.00 per kWh                      : 57,134/-
  • By way of rectifying the air leakages                         : 16.22 KW/hr
                                                                                 : 1,40,160 kWh/annum
    Approximately                                                         : 1,40,160/- per annum
    (these figures are applicable if the leaks are left unattended)


Thermal Audit

Identified energy savings: savings to the tune of 2817219 Nm3 of gas equivalent to Rs. 42.25 lacs can be achieved (considering gas cost of Rs. 1.5/Nm3).

I. Saving in heat losses after repair of poor/damaged insulation in the steam headers:

      Equivalent steam savings                                               = 12.07 kg/hr

II. Steam saving due to leakage in flangers                           = 1.5 Tonnes/hr.

III. The summary of steam savings after replacement of steam traps, repair/replacement of leaking bypass valves, headers and glands are as under:

a) Through steam traps                                           = 1.190 tonnes/hr.

b) Through bypass valves and headers                     = 1.850 tonnes/hr.

c) Through valve glands                                          = 0.1 tonnes/hr.

Total                                   =3.140 tonne/hr.

                                Total steam leakages (I+II+III)          =4.7 Tonnes/hr.

                                                                                       =41190 tonnes/annum

                                Cost of steam @ Rs. 130/tonne          =612.68/hr.

                                                                                       =53.67 lacs/annum

(The above savings calculation assumes continuous steam leak throughout the year)


For further information, please write to:

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