Tuesday, April 20, 2021


In order to encourage R & D efforts for development of fuel-efficient technologies, processes, equipment's, appliances etc. PCRA invites and sponsors R & D projects on various R & D establishments, CSIR Laboratories & Technical Institutions etc. primarily aimed at conservation of petroleum products and environmental protection. For this purpose the following methodology is adopted:


  • Detailed information about the project proposals is obtained from project developer through filled in standard questionnaire.
  • The project proposals are reviewed by Screening Committee of PCRA which is chaired by Executive Director of PCRA and has members from MOP&NG, Member Research Labs, CHT and Ministry of Science and Technology. The project developers make detailed presentation about their project proposals to the Screening Committee of PCRA during Screening Committee Meeting. If the project appears to have scope for saving of petroleum products/reduction in environment pollution and has scope for commercialization, the Screening Committee may approve proposal.
  • For the approved R & D Projects a Memorandum of Understanding containing terms and conditions of the project is signed between PCRA and project developer after which the project can take off.
  • The project developer is required to submit the quarterly progress reports along with expenditure statements, which are reviewed by Screening Committee of PCRA. PCRA official also occasionally visit the labs/ sites to monitor the progress of the project.
  • After completion of the project the project developer submits a draft project report. The draft report is reviewed by Screening Committee of PCRA and their comments are conveyed to project developer for incorporating the same in the final project report. The final project report is again reviewed/ approved by Screening Committee of PCRA.
  • After completion of the project the project developer is expected to arrange approval of technology / equipment /appliances from appropriate authorities like BIS/ Pollution Control Boards etc.
  • The intellectual property i.e. know-how/ process/ design/ technique generated in the project shall be jointly owned by PCRA and the project developer. In case a patent is to be obtained, the project developer will file a patent application in the name of project developer and PCRA. The cost for the same will be shared equally by PCRA and project developer.
  • PCRA will help the project developer to transfer the technology to interested entrepreneur for commercialization of the technology/ equipment/ appliance at a fee to be mutually decided by PCRA and the project developer. The benefits accrued from such transfer of technology will be shared equally between PCRA and project developer.