Monday, June 25, 2018

Model Depot Project Study Through External Faculties (2 Days)Print


The transport sector is a single largest sector consuming petroleum products while in industrial and domestic sector, the substitutes of petroleum products by alternative fuel like coal is feasible. In the transport sector substitution possibilities are remote. It is therefore obvious that we have to make an all out efforts for effective utilization of diesel fuel and maximize passenger kilometer or tones kilometer transported per litre of fuel.

The concept of Model Depot Project for diesel conservation developed by PCRA is an effective tool. In the model depot the diesel conservation measures are effectively implemented by PCRA’s assistance and sustained by depot management at a attainable performance. The measures thus introduced in model depot could then be emulated by other depots of the STU’s as well as fleet operation in unorganized sector. The realisation of this MDP concept in a big way could have great effect to achieve diesel conservation in transport sector on national scale.



To set up the Model Depot Project in each state transport undertaking and private fleet operators in unorganised sector with the help of external agencies. By conduction model depot study to incorporate good fuelling practices, improving during maintenance skills and also the management information system and control.


Scope Of Work

1. Identification of depot for MDP study. Considering the following factors for identification:

  • Diesel & Lubricating oil consumption of depot should be substantial.
  • The depot should have the mix fleet of engine models like TATA make and Ashok Leyland Etc.
  • The mix operation of bus should be there like mufussals, short route, hill routes and local city routes.

2. Depot diagnostic studies.

Under the scope of this study area of diesel conservation are identified in the depot such as:

  • Fuelling practices.
  • Driving habits.
  • Calibration and maintenance of fuel injector equipments.
  • Maintenance Systems and practices.
  • Training, motivation and incentive along with management control system.
  • Layout study.
  • Lubrication and fuel handling.
  • Safety practices.


3. Report preparation and submission.
4. Follow up for implementation of the recommendation made is report.
5. Not more than one programme to be conducted at a time.


Who Can Conduct

  • Any graduate/ diploma in engineering with minimum 15/20 years of experience in depot operation / maintenance in STUs or Pvt. Fleet Operation.


Selection Procedure

CRC should certify the suitability of the faculty and recommend for carrying out the activity based on qualification, experience and interview.



  • Regions will identify the model faculties in their respective areas as per the Selection criteria, who will undertake MDP study on behalf of PCRA.
  • Faculty will undertake the study as per the scope of work mentioned above in organized as well as unorganized sectors for two days.
  • Details of the MDP study should be chalked out jointly by Regions and the faculty selected.
  • Faculty will prepare the Study Report based on field survey which should include data analysis, observation and recommendations.


PCRA Support

  • MDP will be jointly identified by PCRA and faculty for conducting study.
  • PCRA will provide technical support as and when required.