Monday, June 25, 2018

Transport Workshop Through External Faculty (1/2 Day)Print


There exists a considerable information gap amongst drivers, driver owners and mechanics in he organized and unorganized road transport sector on the correct operation and maintenance practices to reduce fuel consumption. Through a good deal of efforts have also been made in developing suitable publicity literature, audio visuals like films, slides, posters and conducting occasional clinics at the trucking centres, no concerted effort was made in this direction as the target audience is astronomically large and diffused throughout the country.

It has been found that majority of vehicle drivers and mechanics are poorly qualified and in fact learn their driving by being under study as either helper or cleaner. They do not get proper training and continue odd practices which they learn from their mentor drivers. It has also been found that they do not go through and driver training school before securing licences.

It is therefore necessary to organize large number of awareness workshops for drivers and mechanics to disseminate the information of efficient driving and good maintenance practices.


The objective of the transport workshop is to provide information to drivers and mechanics by explaining PCRA simple tips and good maintenance practices, distributing PCRA literature and screening of films in transport sector. This will help to promote and propagate fuel conservation in the organized and unorganized road transport sector.

Scope Of Work & Methodology

1. Faculty should conduct transport workshops in STU depots, private garages, highway nakas and truck parking slots.
2. Faculty should contact respective transport association private as well as govt. public ltd. for conducting the workshop and preparation of schedule thereof.
3. Agreed schedules shall be prepared and forwarded to office in-charge on the job in respective area and any deviation shall have to be informed to him.
4. Faculty should provide professional skills in conducting the programme and arrange 40 to 50 participants for a programme.
5. The duration of the programme should be 4 hours which will include the following activities:


  • Inauguration.
  • Informative speech on efficient driving and good maintenance practices.
  • Distribution of PCRA literature.
  • Screening of films.
  • Photographs of each programme.
  • Providing light refreshment to the participants.
  • Display of banners.
  • Distribution of prizes.
  • Submission of monthly progress report in duplicate along with photographs indicating the location, no. of participants.
  • Declaration from local authorities for successful completion of the programme.

6. Not more than one programme to be conducted in a day to provide quality.

Who Can Conduct

  • Retired personnel in supervisory cadre or above, from STUs having a qualification of diploma in engineering.
  • Or
  • Retired person from heavy vehicle manufacturer in Supervisory Cadre or above.


Selection Procedure

CRC should certify the suitability of the faculty and recommend for carrying out the activity based on qualification, experience and interview.

PCRA Support

1. PCRA will organize training for the trainers programmes for the selected faculties and demonstrate procedure for conducting transport Workshop. No reimbursement of expenses will be admissible to the individual attending the training programme.
2. PCRA will provide related literature for distribution.