Monday, June 25, 2018

Industrial Sector-Industrial Workshop (1/2 Day)Print


It was decided to conduct some of the PCRA’s industrial sector activities through external agencies, individuals and Non-Governmental Organisations. Workshop on various topics conducted in industrial is one of such activities discussed for offloading.



By conducting industrial workshops through external agencies, number of PCRA’s activities will increase. Also, PCRA Engineers can do other important activities in industrial sector like Energy Audits and Diagnostic Studies in industries more intensively. Also, PCRA Engineers in some selected industries and fields can give focused attention.

Scope Of Work

The executing faculty assigned to conduct workshop has to do the following:

  • Identify the factory where the workshop is to be conducted.
  • Obtaining approval from PCRA for conducting the programme.
  • Finalizing the audience Supervisory / Non-Supervisory/Operators, Technicians/ Engineers after discussion with the Chief Executive of the industry.
  • Conducting the programme.
  • Submitting a report after completion of the programme.
  • Distribution of prizes.
  • Not more than one workshop to be conducted in a day to provide quality.


Who Can Conduct

  • Retired professor of engineering college
  • Or
  • Retired graduate engineer with requisite industrial experience


Selection Procedure For Resource Person

PCRA has to give advertisement in leading local Newspapers for the requirement of persons/ to conduct the programme. After receiving applications with bio-data, selection should be done through interview. Alternatively , CRC should certify the suitability of the faculty and recommend for carrying out the activity based on qualification, experience & interview.


Methodology For Conducting Workshop

Man day required - ½ day

1. The programme can be conducted for half-a-day in the morning or afternoon.
2. The Chief Executive of the particular industry will welcome the gathering and also will explain the purpose of the workshop.
3. The individual appointed to conduct the programme will explain about PCRA and its activities in detail and also he will talk about the program’s objective.
4. Then, the resource person has to deliver a lecture on a topic related to Energy Conservation Strategies in the operational methods of that particular industry for 2 hours.
5. After his lecture, PCRA’s videocassette on General Energy and on a topic related to that particular industry will be shown to the participants.PCRA’s technical booklets have to be placed for sale in the lecture hall.
6. After the vote of thanks, light refreshment will be served.


PCRA Support

PCRA will provide all free booklets set for distribution to the participants for the programme. PCRA’s videocassettes will be given for screening. PCRA will provide fund as per the norms.