Monday, June 25, 2018

Domestic Workshop Through External FacultyPrint


The ever increasing demand for LPG and kerosene is putting a fair amount of financial pressure on our national exchequer. Financial burden is even more in the case of kerosene as this product is heavily subsidized. With increase in our standard of living the use of LPG is registering a high growth and demand for it is outperforming supply to a very large extent. This is resulting in a large waiting list of the customers, delayed/breakdown of supply schedule to the existing customers. Conservation of these products, therefore, calls for our priority attention.
PCRA having experimented in association with various agencies have established that a savings potential of about 30% of these products exists. This is possible just by incorporating good cooking habits and proper maintenance and selection of appliances. Over and above PCRA have been helping development of energy efficient appliances like LPG burners, kerosene wick stoves and wick lamps to reap more benefits.
To educate the common masses and to give conservation a concerted and scientific approach PCRA have been conducting Domestic Workshops (Save LPG/Kerosene Clinic) since its inception to reach the unorganized sector masses in the household sector. As the target audience is very large and diffused throughout the country deployment of external agencies for conducting large number of program will be effective.



To reach a large number of the target group, that is the household users, we, now propose to engage a number of external faculties to undertake the above job on our behalf. The faculties are required to conduct a half-day workshop to propagate the awareness of oil conservation among the participants.


Scope Of Work & Methodology

1. The faculty should conduct Domestic Workshop (Save LPG/Kerosene clinic) in the housing societies, clubs, community centers, women’s organizations etc.
2. Faculty should contact the women’s organizations, LPG dept. of the oil companies, and other relevant faculties for conducting the workshop and prepare schedule thereof.
3. Agreed schedules shall be prepared and forwarded to officer-in-charge on the job in respective area and any deviation shall have to be informed to him.
4. Faculty should provide skilled professional for conducting the program and arrange 40 to 50 participants for a program.
5. The duration of the program should be 4 hours which will include the following activities.

  • Inauguration
  • Informative speech on efficient use of LPG and Kerosene and energy in the household sector.
  • Conduct quiz program/slogan contests
  • Distribution of PCRA literature
  • Screening of films
  • Photographs of each program
  • Providing light refreshment to the participants
  • Display of banners
  • Distribution of prizes
  • Submission of monthly progress report in duplicate along with photographs indicating the location, no. of participants
  • Declaration from the party where the program is conducted for successful completion of the program.

6. Not more than one program to be conducted in a day to provide quality.

Who Can Conduct

  • 15 years of experience in social work from reputed organization with Graduation degree in any discipline except Egos.
  • Or
  • Retired oil company officers with requisite knowledge & experience


Selection Procedure

ARC should certify the suitability of the faculty and recommend for carrying out the activity based on qualification, experience and interview.


PCRA Support

1. PCRA will organize training for the trainers program for the selected agencies and demonstrate procedure for conducting Domestic Workshop (Save LPG/Kerosene Clinic). No reimbursement of expenses will be admissible to the individual attending the training program.
2. PCRA will provide related literature for distribution.