, May 27, 2018

Model Depot ProjectPrint


Transport Sector is the single largest sector Consuming petroleum products. In Industrial and domestic sector, the substitution of petroleum products by alternative fuels, like coal is feasible. In transport sector, however, substitution is not feasible at present. It is, therefore, obvious that we have to make all out efforts for effective utilisation of diesel and achieve maximum kilometers per litre of fuel used.
The concept of Model Depot Study for diesel conservation was developed by PCRA and is very effective. In the model depot study the diesel conservation measures are effectively implemented by PCRA's assistance and sustained by depot management. The measures thus, introduced in model depot can then be emulated by other depots of the STUs, as well as in private fleet operators including in the uorganised sector. The implementation of this concept through Model Depot studies, in a big way, Shall help in achieving diesel conservation in transport sector, thereby reducing our oil import bill.



To conduct Model Depot Studies for maximum possible state transport undertakings and private fleet operators in unorganised sector with the help of external faculties. Conducting Model Depot Study to incorporate good fuelling practices, improving driving and maintenance skills, improving management information system and control.