Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Saksham 2019Print





              1.  Saksham - 2019 Action Plan                  Click Here
2.  Standees Click Here
3.  Message from Hon’ble Minister                  Click Here
4.  Message from Secretary, MoP&NG Click Here
5.  SOPs for Saksham  Click Here
6.  Byte from Hon'ble Minister, MOP&NG Click Here
7.  Final Results of National Level Competition Winners Click Here
8.  Radio Jingles for Saksham                   Click Here
9.  List of awardees of Oil & Gas Companies for Saksham 2018  Click Here
10.  Design of Logo, Apron, Hoardings, Caps, T-Shirt etc.                   Click Here
11.  Saksham Pledge  Click Here
12.  Backdrop Design Saksham  Click Here
13.  Literature, Posters, Leaflets and Brochures for Saksham                   Click Here
14.  Car Sticker                   Click Here
15.  PCRA Promotional Video for SAKSHAM  Click Here
16.  Steps to use PCRA Facebook DP filter  Click Here
17.  Profile on Petroleum Sector for the year 2017-18 Click Here
             18.  PCRA Theme Song                  Click Here
             19.  PCRA Comic Book                  Click Here
             20.  PCRA Animation Film                  Click Here
             21.  LPG Panchayat Hoardings                  Click Here