Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Action GroupsPrint


  • This novel “Action Group” concept conceived in 1992, is a departure from the conventional method of having deliberations by way of seminars, lectures etc. The nature of proceedings are more like open-house discussions with a flexible agenda to include all possible areas of concern in the related sector of the economy, i.e. Transport or Industry.
  • This concept facilitates bringing together key persons of the State to discuss the issues and problems, which must be addressed and resolved locally within the State. It is extremely interactive in nature, leading to sharing of knowledge, techniques and methods on oil conservation. Finally this results in an action plan for the various agencies and stakeholders of the State having interest in the subject.
  • The action group is initiated by the Oil Industry SLC as conveyer and the State Secretary-Transport or Secretary-Industries (as the case may be) as the Chairman of the Action Group to facilitate the discussions, cover the agenda and draw the action plan.


The Main Objectives of Action Groups are

  • To disseminate information on oil conservation among all sub sectors of the industrial sector and transport sector.
  • To provide a forum for collaborative effort for the training of managers on Industry specific oil conservation program.
  • Suggest ways and means for creation / reviewing action plans for Encon Projects.
  • Make available common beneficial information on various incentives given by the Govt., PCRA, TEDA, IDBI and similar organizations.
  • Facilitate interaction between industries and state govt. on issues relating to oil conservation in industries.
  • Facilitate interaction between Fleet Owners/Transporters, STU's and State Govt. on issues relating to oil Conservation in Transport Sector.
  • Promote R&D efforts in the field of oil conservation.