Saturday, April 29, 2017

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PCRA has been actively pursuing its cause of promoting oil conservation and environment protection through creative press advertising. Advertisements on the theme of oil conservation for a clean environment are released in leading national, regional newspapers and magazines covering all sectors of the economy i.e. Transport, Industrial, Agriculture & Domestic. In addition to this various platforms like the World Environment Day, World Energy Day etc are also utilized for putting across messages on energy conservation & environment protection to the masses.


The advertisements released so far are listed below. Click on the links to view them:

Fuel Conservation Advertisements


1. Press Advt. Truck Hindi (Transport Sector)
2. Press Advt. Truck English (Transport Sector)
3. Press Advt. Tractor Hindi (Agriculture Sector)
4. Press Advt. Tractor English (Agriculture Sector)
5. Press Advt. Drive at 45-55 Hindi (Transport Sector)
6. Press Advt. Drive at 45-55 English (Transport Sector)
7. Press Advt. Car Pool Hindi (Transport Sector)
8. Press Advt. Car Pool English (Transport Sector)
9. Press Advt. Audit Hindi (Industrial Sector)
10. Press Advt. Audit English (Industrial Sector)
11. Press Advt. MealToghether Hindi (Domestic Sector)
12. Press Advt. Meal Toghether English (Domestic Sector)
13. Press Advt. Trim the Flame Hindi (Domestic Sector)
14. Press Advt. Trim the Flame English (Domestic Sector)
15. Press Advt. Commerical Hindi (Industrial / Commercial Sector)
16. Press Advt. Commercial English (Industrial / Commercial Sector)



OGCF-1 Save Diesel
OGCF-2 Commercial Buildings
OGCF-3 Domestic Sector
OGCF-4 OGCF -08 Inaugural - Delhi
OGCF-5 Industrial Sector
OGCF-6 Transport Sector
Adv - 1 Conservation Technology Center
Adv - 2 Wake-up Call for Delhiites
Adv - 3 Easy ways of saving LPG
Adv - 4 PCRA's Driver Training Program
Adv - 5 PCRA's Energy Audit
Adv - 6 Cut Energy Cost in Industry through Energy Audit
Adv - 7 Cutting pollution with Energy Audit
Adv - 8 Fuel efficiency in Cars
Adv - 9 PCRA's time tested Driver Training Program
Adv - 10 Bio-Diesel - The fuel of the future
Adv - 11 Improve mileage of your car
Adv - 12 Energy Audit in Commercial Buildings
Adv - 13 Regular energy audits pave way to reduced costs and increased profits
Adv - 14 R&D project proposals
Adv - 15 Fresh air
Adv - 16 Driver's friend
Adv - 17 Save diesel
Adv - 18 Tomorrow will need something more
Adv - 19 Is your "easy - going" attitude draining your profits ?
Adv - 20 Fuel saving family
Adv - 21 There are still some frictions lubricants cannot reduce
Adv - 22 To feel its importance, just try to stop breathing
Adv - 23 Speeding does not always mean being first
Adv - 24 Some women add life to everything
Adv - 25 Attitude can be measured in liters
Adv - 26 Freedom from oil wastage