Thursday, October 29, 2020

Appointment of Consultant Agency for Conduct of Saksham National Competition 2020-21 and Enhancement, Maintenance and Hosting work of PCRA Competitions Webportal and Mobile App for 2020-21

Tender Type      

Open E-Tender

Tender Ref. No.

PCRA/EC/ Competition/2020-21/T02

CPPP Tender ID : 2020_PCRA_588577_1

Type of Bidding 

Two Bids


Rs. 13,000/-


New Delhi

First Announcement Date  


Pre-bid Meeting

14-10-2020 at 1100 Hrs

Last date of Submission 

19-10-2020 at 1100 Hrs

Bid Opening Date  

20-10-2020 at 1100 Hrs

Work Description 

As per Tender document


As per Tender document

Note: Bidders are required to download the Digitally Signed tender documents only from 

Tender type :