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Domestic Sector

The housewives and youth are the major target audience in this sector. The inter-ministerial working group has identified a saving potential of 30% in this sector. PCRA’s spectrum of activities includes education of housewives on good cooking habits, use of BIS marked fuel-efficient stoves, educating housewives and youth on good driving habits and Conservation of petroleum products etc. PCRA also encourages the use of alternate sources of energy such as bio-gas, solar energy, e-mobility etc.

During 2019-20, PCRA has conducted the following programs:

  • Youth Programs - 4748
  • Domestic Workshop - 3214

PCRA adopts a networking institutional approach and takes help of Mahila Mandals, Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) and various schools and colleges for conducting awareness programs. This results in a substantial annual recurring savings of petroleum products, which is a significant achievement.