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Industrial Sector

industrial sectorOil & Gas provides 36% of energy needs for the Industrial Sector in India (IEA -2021). PCRAs experience of conducting Energy Audits in a wide sectors of industries has demonstrated that there is a potential for saving more than 20% of energy consumption in this sector. A part of this saving potential can be realized by making operational adjustments without any investments. PCRA in its efforts to enhance energy efficiency in this sector carries out, Energy Audits, organizes workshops, seminars and consumer meets, and undertakes Research and Development projects for efficiency improvement. PCRA identifies the potential for saving energy consumption in all these areas of activities and subsequently follows it up to assess actual realization of the identified savings. 

The entire activities of industry sector have been divided in 3 segments viz. Energy Efficiency Studies, Special Initiatives and Training & Capacity building. 

1) Energy Efficiency Studies: During 2021-22, PCRA has conducted following Energy Efficiency Studies:  

  • Energy Audits – 222 Nos.
  • Compliance Audits – 182 Nos.
  • Service to Small Scale Industries – 202 Nos.

2) Special Initiatives: During 2021-22, PCRA has lead following Special Initiatives: 

  • Participation in PAT Audits – 18 Nos.
  • Consultancy for ISO 50001:2018 implementation – 06 Nos.

3) Training &Workshops: During 2021-22, PCRA has carried out following Training & Capability Building initiatives: 

  • Industrial units – 574 Nos.
  • Institutions – 465 Nos.
  • Seminars / Technical Meets – 144 Nos. 

PCRA has a dedicated team of 16 Nos. Certified Energy Professionals and 57 Nos. Empanelled Energy Audit Firms to actively pursue the mission for enhancing energy efficiency. 

PCRA also supports international projects through World Bank and other international funding agencies and acts as a catalysts for promoting sustainable development. For all its activities, PCRA adopts a networking approach and in this sector networks with Government industry departments eg. BEE, State energy agencies, CPCB, Oil companies, NPC, TERI, EMC, UNDP and industry associations like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM and PETROFED etc.