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Fuel Efficiency Improvement Programme

Fuel Efficiency Improvement program is a unique initiative undertaken by PCRA to improve fuel efficiency of STUs Bus depots. This is an integrated program to train the targeted driver and maintenance of targeted buses.

The main objective of the Fuel Efficiency Improvement Programme is to train the low performing drivers on fuel efficient driving habits & to implement maintenance protocols on low performing buses and the evaluation of their KMPL performances at end of program in order to develop a cadre of fuel efficient drivers, mechanics, efficient buses and thus to promote and propagate fuel efficiency/KMPL improvement in Transport Sector.

Based on detailed monthly data analysis of the depot, low performing drivers and low performing buses are selected. Selected drivers are trained as per the prescribed training module and are also subjected to 2 weekly follow-up monitoring on the actual route of operation. Selected buses are subjected to Type I maintenance protocol and if improvement in KMPL on the basis 15 days’ data analysis after Type I maintenance is found less than 3%, buses are subjected to Type II maintenance protocol also. For every depot, the above exercise is repeated for different sets of buses & drivers in three rounds covering about 30% low performing drivers & 30% low performing buses.

By following fuel efficient driving habits & best maintenance practices, this programme helps in fuel conservation, reduce breakdown of vehicles, increase Road Safety and ultimately reduce the Vehicular Pollution.