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ISO 50001


PCRA has been working in the field of Energy efficiency / Petroleum Conservation from 1978. PCRA has been the nodal agency in the country for many energy efficiency programmes across far and wide corner of the country penetrating to almost every sector of energy consumers viz. Industrial, Transport, Domestic, Agriculture etc.

ISO 50001-2018 Standard is an Energy Management System (EnMS) implementation standard and PCRA is involved in providing consultancy for the implementation of ISO 50001 for the past eight years.  Our continued efforts for implementing ISO 50001 standard across all sectors of industry are driven by the fact that EnMS is a process through which progressively energy efficiency is achieved and this usher in the culture of energy efficiency.  These aspects of ISO 50001 EnMS resonate perfectly with our mission of energy efficiency. PCRA has completed 256 nos of ISO 50001 implementation consultancies in last 8 years.

We have 02 Accredited Energy Auditors, 14 numbers of certified Energy Professionals and 15  Numbers of Certified Lead Auditors in ISO-50001:2018 EnMS across all regions of PCRA. A number of our certified energy auditors are likely to be included in the list of Accredited Energy auditors as and when it is published in official gazette of Govt. of India. We will draw out the best of the faculty to undertake and fulfil the requirement of providing consultancy for implementation of aforesaid ISO certification.

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Key Differences in ISO 50001:2018 compared with 2011 Edition 

ISO 50001:2018 (EnMS) implementation Consultancy Completed by PCRA

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