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Standard & Labeling


Standard: It is the specified minimum energy efficiency level product must meet before they can be legally sold.

Labeling: It is the display of energy consumption information on product.

Brief about Standards and Labeling Program

Standard & Labeling (S&L) Program incorporates the provisions as detailed in the Energy Conservation Act 2001 with the objective of reducing the energy consumption of appliance / equipment without diminishing the services they provide to consumers.

Under the provision of above Act, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has been set up to assist Government in developing policies and strategies, with the primary objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian economy. As per “Section 14” of EC Act 2001, The Central Government may, by notification, in consultation with the Bureau

  • Specify the norms for processes and energy consumption standards for any equipment, appliance which consumes, generates, transmits or supplies energy as per Clause (a);
  • Specify equipment or appliance or class of equipment or appliances, as the case may be, for the purposes of this Act as per Clause (b);
  • Direct display of such particulars on label on equipment or on appliance specified under clause (b) and in such manner as may be specified by regulations as per Clause (d);

S&L Program for equipment consuming Petroleum products as fuel

PCRA in association with BEE, had initiated the S&L program for equipment consuming petroleum products as fuel, on Voluntary Basis. It encourages consumers for making energy efficient purchases besides saving energy with improved product quality. The perceived benefits are as under

  • Provide a well-accepted branding for superior energy efficient products
  • Informed choice to the customer for purchase of energy efficient products
  • Product conforming to BIS specifications
  • Reduction in fuel consumption through usage of energy efficient products thus contributing towards energy security Reduced foreign exchange burden for the Nation
  • Reduced emission of Greenhouse Gases

PCRA is associated with Star Labeling Program for following equipment, consuming petroleum products as fuel, has since been launched:

  • Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Stove
  • Diesel Engine Driven Monoset pumps for Agricultural purposes (2-10 H.P.)
  • Diesel Engine Driven Generator Sets (Engine 19 KW)

S&L Program for Domestic LPG Stove

With effective from 01.06.2020, all Domestic Gas stoves for use with LPG (other than those meant for export) shall conform to the latest version of IS 4246: 2002 including amendments and shall bear the ISI Mark.

More details of S&L Program for Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Stoves is available on BEE site & at the following links :

S&L Program Diesel Engine Driven Monoset pumps for Agricultural purposes (2 - 10 HP)

More details of S&L Program for Diesel Engine Driven Monoset pump for Agricultural purposes is available on BEE site & at the following links :

S&LProgram for Diesel EngineDriven Generator Sets (up to 19 KW)

More details of S&L Program for Diesel engine Driven Generator is available on BEE site & at the following links :

  • General guidelines of Scheme
  • Schedule 18 for Diesel Engine Driven Generator Set (Engine upto 19 KW)