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Driver Training Program


Fuel/lubricants consumption in a vehicle depends on various factors like vehicular design, road conditions, traffic pattern, driving habits, and maintenance practices. Out of these, the quickest and cheapest way to effect saving of fuels is by following good driving habits. Proper driving not only saves fuel but also reduces breakdowns and increases road safety. This also reduces the pollution levels due to vehicle emissions.

The objective of the Driver Training Programme (DTP) is to provide information to drivers on Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques and good maintenance practices and to reach a large numbers of target groups, that is the Drivers of Heavy Duty, Light & Medium Commercial vehicles, Passenger vehicles etc. to propagate the awareness of oil conservation among the drivers. Also, to develop a cadre of drivers and driver instructors who can further train other drivers on their own and thus promote and propagate fuel conservation in the road transport sector.

The training program consists of Classroom training. Classroom training is divided into two parts: Motivation discussion on the important role played by drivers in fuel efficiency, and a presentation on fuel efficient driving techniques and good maintenance practices for improving vehicle fuel economy.

On an average a saving of about 9-11 percent of diesel consumption is possible.